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You have heard the stories about the demon known as Pumpkinhead. The locals speak of a monster that has been living in the town's surrounding woods for ages. Few have ever traveled through the forest and there are hardly any reported sightings. Most of the people who live in the area avoid these woods and tell scary stories to their children to keep them away. There is one outcast who lives in the woods alone, a witch named Haggis. She left the town many years ago for reasons unknown to live out there. According to the legend, she encountered Pumpkinhead and has been watching over it ever since.

You do not believe any of this nonsense; however, something about all of this just interests you. You have decided to hike down the old dirt road through the woods to where she is supposed to live. You want to see if any of this is true.

The Legend of Pumpkinhead is a horror game inspired by the 1988 horror film Pumpkinhead. It is a classic with great creature design. This horror game is simply paying homage to the film. I hope you enjoy it if you have seen the film. All assets are original. Updates and changes may come.

Install instructions

Unzip and launch.


The Legend of Pumpkinhead.zip 428 MB